Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to trial a class first prior to purchasing a class package, just to see if it's my thing.

Great idea. We offer a $5 1st class for all new KBOD friends. After that you can grab $30 for 3 classes so that you can try out some of the other amazing classes.  This way you get a good feel for our studio and the range of classes we offer. Just click on Sign Up, fill in your details and book your class. Hey! Make sure you introduce yourself to the instructor. We love meeting new crew so make sure you turn up 10 minutes prior to class starting and say hi to the instructor.

I've never tried KBOD Fitness before, what class do you recommend?

We have a wide range of class offerings to challenge you. For dance based classes, ​try​ CARDIO QUEEN for cardio hit or BUST A GROOVE for a more funky routine or FLASHDANCE for a touch of fitness and a touch of musical theatre routine, which will introduce you to our style, vocabulary and choreography. If you like HIIT, try dance based KA POW. For barre/Pilates, start with BARRE BASICS then head to BARRE BLAST or FLOOR BARRE. And for circuit and bootcamp fans, RUNWAY READY is the class for you. Class structure but content changes regularly to keep your body guessing so you never plateau and never get bored!

What do I need to bring?

Great question! We provide all equipment used in our classes. All you need is the correct foot wear, a towel because trust me you are going to seat, and a water bottle.

All classes except for Barre, Pilates and Floor Barre require you to wear support trainers that are in good condition. Medium cross trainers are perfect- avoid running shoes!  Barre and Floor Barre classes we wear grip socks. Please note if you do not bring or forget your grip socks you can purchase another pair at reception. We do not allow anyone in class without grip socks or sneakers for health and safety reasons.

I don't know my right foot from my left / I have no worked out in years.

Well you are in the perfect place to fix that, and we are so proud of you for giving it ago despite your concerns. Our workouts are designed for all levels. Our instructors are highly trained and know when to push you and when you allow you some time to recoup. We also offer modifications in our exercises to cater for the varying levels.

We are here to support and guide you in your journey to being your best self. Remember that it takes more then 1 session to realise those goals.

If you are really unsure drop us an email outlining your fitness experience and history and we will gladly point you in the right direction.

How often should I be shaking my groove thang?

If you’re new to regular exercise or it’s been a while between drinks, we recommend one class every three days for the first two weeks. This’ll give your body time to adjust and get used to moving regularly, as well as giving your hard working muscles time to repair and recover. Once you’ve found your groove mix it up! Do a class every second day or keep to one class each day allowing yourself 2 days off somewhere during your week.

I’m huffing and puffing like a steam train – what’s up with that?

That’s totally normal! When we exercise our hearts pump more blood to our muscles. This is hard work for the heart, so it needs more oxygen. That’s where the lungs, and the huffing and puffing come in. Your breathlessness is directly related to your level of fitness. If you’re still working on your fitness you’ll definitely be out of breath from time to time. This’ll decrease as you get fitter and you’ll be able to work at a higher intensity for longer periods.

It felt good at the time but it’s two days later and my legs are really sore – help?!

If you’ve worked really hard or are getting back into exercise after a break, you can expect some muscle soreness. All that hard work has created tiny little tears in your muscles (don’t stress, that’s supposed to happen!) and your body now has to work to repair them. The good news? The pain’s temporary. The great news? Your muscles will be stronger than they were before, meaning YOU’RE stronger than you were before.

Movement keeps the stiffness at bay so go for a walk, have a swim or stretch it out. If you’re really really sore, fill a bath with Epsom salts and have a soak for half an hour and/or go for a massage. Reward your bod for all its hard work!

Does muscle weigh more than fat?

Muscle is denser than fat, so yep, by volume it does weigh more. And this is exactly why you shouldn’t just focus on the numbers on the scale. Think of it this way: a 70kg athlete who’s lean and muscular can weigh the same as someone who sits on the couch all day. But they look completely different – on the inside and the outside.

Building muscle is super important for weight loss. That’s because the more muscle mass you have, the more efficient your body is at burning fat. This explains why someone with low muscle density loses weight quicker than someone like our 70kg athlete (who may not lose any weight at all).

Is there a minimum time I have to sign up for?

Nope! We’re more than happy for you to come to KBOD Fitness classes whenever the time is ala perfect for you. You can purhcase a single class with no strings attached. If you decide you like the junk in our trunk (so to speak), then we are excited for you to stay on board as long as you like and offer a range of different class packages to suit your needs. And because we want to be BFFs: best friends forever; the longer you sign on for, the more you save $$, the more results you see, the more we get to know you AND the more we will hear from you. Take photo's of yourself working out and upload them to our Facebook or tag us on Instagram. We love our positive KBOD Fitness community! #KBODFITNESS #KBODFAMILY