“Are you in the boat of life OR still waiting on shore?” by Christine Denny

This morning I awoke with the thought, that like most things in life – nothing can happen if you are not a willing participant. That is to say, that thinking about something is simply not enough – you actually have to take action and do something to effect the change or results or movement you would like to see in your life.


And then it struck me as I lolled delightfully in my comfy little bed, that our lives are really like a boat. They are geared naturally to take us somewhere, but unless we jump on board and set sail to harbours new, we are not going to go anywhere.

BoatAnd whilst it is nice to watch your little boat sitting comfortably by the shoreline, you simply can not maximise it’s output or use it to it’s full extent, if you never actually get in it and take it for a spin in the surrounding waters.

And thus is your life. Your life is just like this little boat.
Sure it is nice and safe sitting idly by the shore’s edge, tied to the dock – but is it really fulfilling its true potential?

The answer is of course not.

You have to actively get into your life  - your little boat – and steer it to where you wish to go.

Around corners, out into deep waters, back into the shallows, out for a spot of fishing, a day out on the lake with friends, or a few hours practicing your artful manouvering to capitalise on all the boat has to offer.

This is the only way to evaluate the potential of your little boat – your life – what it is capable of and where it can take you.

You can theorise all you want, about it’s possibilities, it’s ability to float and navigate deep waters and bring joy to your life – but nothing will ever beat practical application and a hands on approach.

Life is no different.

I can certainly say from personal experience of my own little boat that I have:

* left the shore without adequate supplies and developed extreme hunger

* chosen the wrong trip for a boat my size

* upgraded to a ship too early and been out of my depth

* lost my proverbial oars into the ocean

* taken on water and and capsized

* misjudged the current capacities of the aforementioned boat and got into real trouble

* lost a few friends overboard

* navigated myself into treacherous waters which proved rather scary

But I have equally

* found the where-with-all to get out of some sticky situations

* had some marvellous afternoons quietly rocking on the water’s surface with a delightful lilt and sense of pure joy and satisfaction

* experienced some fantastic fishing trips

* learned to sail in all sized boats

* navigated my way to some pretty exotic, adventurous and fun places that only my little boat could take me

So you can see that you have to experience life personally to learn from its challenges and hone your life skills.

You have to take your boat out onto the water – and no-one else can do it for you.

Each little capsize is a lesson well learned, and a mistake – or rather misstep, that you will not make again. But if you little boat was left by the shore, you would be no better sailor and navigator today than you were a year ago, or ten years ago for that matter.

Capsizing is the sign of a life well spent.

A sign of lessons well learned.

A sign of knowledge that has been harvested and stored away for when it is needed.

So with each faltering expedition out onto the ocean in your little boat, be proud and courageous and learned. For you have succeeded in facing your fears, charting new territories and learning the inevitable lessons that come your way.

And for those seafarers amongst you, who are used to sailing out of the safe harbour, you will know the tremendous satisfaction that comes from both success and failure alike.

Success – a testament to a lesson well learned

Failure – strangely also a success, as it pin points and directs you effortlessly to the next challenge to be tackled. The next lesson to be learned and problem to be conquered.

So – you see it is a WIN WIN SITUATION.

Who knew?

We have been led to believe in this crazy world in which we live, that success is success and failure is failure.

Well nothing could be further from the truth.

Success sometimes comes with few lessons at all – so is it really success if gotten with no real knowledge and progress?

And failure? Failure can be a road to success with understanding and depth…….perhaps masking the real benefit of it’s experience.

For without initial failures and problems, you would have no appreciation of all you have achieved and even less understanding of how all the pieces in the puzzle fit together.

Failure brings with it invaluable knowledge to store for future use.

Success brings with it confidence to continue on and cast your boat a little further out into untested territories.

Both serve an invaluable purpose.

But neither can exist, if you do not jump enthusiastically into your little boat and steer it away from the safe harbour and into a brave new world.

You have been given this little boat – but only you can climb aboard and sail away into the possibility and adventures that await you.

So – for the next few days, I invite you to examine your little boat and if it is not already in the water and packed with supplies to go somewhere you have always wanted to go, I suggest you get prepared and plan to sail away for a little trip.

Choose your trip and companions wisely.

Choose the supplies you will need.

Let someone know where you are going so you have backup should you need it

Choose the waters into which you will sail and set your departure time…….

And then GO GO GO!

SAIL AWAY and live your life.

Get in that boat.

Chart your course.

Take the chance and set your aim.

You may just discover how invigorating it is to be a willing and pro-active participant in your own life.

The captain of your own ship. A seafarer extraordinaire. An adventurer of the high seas. A fisherman on a quiet lake.

The Master of your own Destiny!

#Discover You. #Love You. #Be You


13 February, 2015

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