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Dani Playel

Dani comes from a dance background, having trained in all forms since the age of 5. She was fortunate and grateful to have enjoyed performing as a singer, dancer and actress in Australia and Asia before moving to Los Angeles in 2000. Throughout her life, Dani has been drawn to the study and practice of Pilates and Yoga and all things health. Dani is an instructor of many talents and shares her expertise in her Pilates, Barre, Dance, Pre and Post Natal classes.

Deanne Berry

Deanne comes from a professional dance back ground and has worked and toured with some of the entertainment industries most popular artists; Kylie and Danni Minogue, Basement Jaxx, Blue, Kanye West, Shaggy, Girls Aloud, Cliff Richard and featured on the world-wide number one hit single ‘Call on Me’ by Eric Prydz to name just a handful.

Since the release of the famed 80’s style ‘Call on Me’ video in which she plays the role of an aerobics instructor she has been in constant demand and thus catapulted into the media spotlight. She is highly qualified in a wide variety of fitness and dance fitness platforms where she loves fusing her passions of fitness and dance together.

‘Pump it Up’ The Ultimate Dance Workout, the definitive fitness video went straight to the top of the DVD chart for a long stint, then later returned to number one which is a testament to its huge popularity. In 2006 she created PUMP IT UP Burn It Lose It! which also went on to be a big seller and affirming Deanne's position as a force to be reckoned with in the fitness market. Deanne then joined forces with UNIVERSAL PICTURES to produce and present two CLUBLAND - WORK IT OUT DVD’s, choreographed best-selling fitness DVD's for Claire Richards 'Five Step Fat Attack', Coleen Nolan’s newest fitness DVD release, ‘Lets get Physical” and has just completed choreographing and presenting on Nadia Sawahal’s newest workout DVD “Fat to Fab”.

Deanne loves being a part of the BodyBurn online team and loves filming down to earth workouts, connecting with other busy mums out there!


Gosia Starkman

Gosia is a passionate fitness instructor who is living the dream. Her moto is: Move, be happy and have fun with feel good exercise. She brings high energy to her workouts that will have you challenged and having fun.

Gosia has led an active lifestyle all her life. At age 4 she began ballet and throughout her school years dedicated herself to dance, aerobics and competitive gymnastics. Whilst studying Tourism and Hospitality Management in Poland she focused on gym training and experienced her first yoga class.

In 2002 Gosia and her life partner came to Australia. They are both full time fitness gurus and have a common love for climbing, cycling and yoga.

Whilst her partner works as a full time trainer in bootcamp, personal training  and yoga. Gosia has devoted herself full time to her four fitness passions Booty Barre, Barre Attck, Kundalini yoga and personal training. Gosia has taught in The Barre Studio, Women’s Fitness Centre, Virgin Active Gyms and her home studio. Certificate IV in Personal Training; Booty Barre Instructor; Barre Attack Instructor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

Gosia loves her healthy Bondi lifestyle, local produce and her canine cocker spaniel Romeo.

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Caroline Harridence

Caroline is a health coach & personal trainer who is passionate about creating healthy homes & helping families lead happy & healthy lives. She runs a successful health coaching business as well as hosting events & classes on health related topics. She also writes for a number of organisations & blogs, & is soon to release an online program for families to help them move to a more healthy, toxin free lifestyle.

Caroline is very passionate about the elimination of chemicals around the home. She is a qualified biochemist so has a thorough understanding of the impact these chemicals can have on our health. She can offer families advice on what to look out for & what alternatives there are. She can even show you how to make your own products to help families reduce their exposure to toxins.

Caroline is originally from Scotland but now lives in sunny Brisbane. She is a busy mother of young children & leads a very active life. She loves to cook, read & is a keen runner. She also enjoys meditation & has recently developed a love of yoga.

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Giselle Peacock

Giselle started dancing at the age of 10 and has devoted her life to International Latin American competitions, capturing US and British Youth Championship titles.

Giselle has trained in various dance styles including, ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and modern dance.

She’s appeared on: SYTYCD, Dancing With The Stars, and Super Stars of Dance, and has been touring with Burn The Floor since 2006. Broadway original cast.


Tarryn Donnelly

Tarryn is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) from the Endeavour College of Natural Health Melbourne and have been practicing as a Nutritionist for over 5 years in private practice and in one of Australia's leading Gym's, Genesis Fitness Club Ringwood.

Located in Frankston, Victoria she hopes to help her local community and surrounding suburbs achieve optimal health and wellness. Life these days can seem hectic and out of balance and our health can often take a back seat. Victoria guides her clients and shows them easy and practical solutions to a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

A detailed and comprehensive nutritional consultation to access an individual’s health concerns is the first step. Every aspect of a person’s life (family, work life, finances and limitations) is taken into consideration to ensure a specific and successful treatment plan is established to address and achieve certain health goals.

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Shameela Khambhaita

Shameela immigrated to Australia in 2006 from the UK and founded her business Cherub Veda in January 2013.

Utilising her training in Pharmacology and Ayurveda to create a company that shares ancient wisdom through modern practice to develop a body / mind balance, and fusing her personalised nutritional guidance, meditation techniques, yoga, energy work and lifestyle recommendations for long term health and well-being for adults as well as children.

As part of the business, Shameela offers consultations, weight loss programs, massage therapy, cooking workshops, a dedicated area for children’s well-being and Ayurvedic retreats in South Australia and India.

As an Executive Committee Member of the Australasian Association of Ayurveda (AAA) and Associate Member of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists, Shameela is committed to linking Australia with India by sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda with as many people as she can based on her own personal transformative journey.

Check out her work Cherub Veda and Facebook.


Fran McGlinchey

Fran is an energetic, happy, creative and motivational Zumba, Aqua and Piloxing instructor.

Originally from Cambridge UK, she has been living in Australia 4 years studying wellness coaching and a diploma in vegetarian/vegan nutrition.

Her passion? Waking up each morning knowing she can improve someone's mood through exercise!

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Ash Hill

Ash is passionate about bringing the truth to the forefront of subjects within women’s health of all ages, she holds monthly workshops “Food as Medicine” and “Girl Talk” .

Her focus is getting as many Women and young Adolescents together and discussing what really matters when it comes to our Body, Food, Herbal Medicine and Synthetic Medicines and how to keep a balanced life amongst the overload of information available in our society.

Ash uses tools such as Herbal Medicine, Meridian Therapies, Massage, Iridology, Numerology, Biochemic Psychology to diagnose and then works out a plan to bring back harmony to the individual’s body, mind and life.

Ash has a clinic in Currumbin Gold Coast, where she specialises in Women’s and Adolescent Health. Find more on Ash:

Christine Denny

Christine is an educator, writer, columnist, tap teacher, examiner, philosopher, drummer, adjudicator, spiritual seeker, business woman, entrepreneur, journalist, traveller, mentor and lover of life.

For the past 30 years Christine has been a respected educator presenting seminars & workshops, the building of self esteem and self empowerment and writing regular advice columns for a variety of magazines and online publications.

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Lisa Phillips

Lisa is totally committed to helping individuals have a joyous life. Her formal training both in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life coaching has enabled her to develop a holistic approach that is tailored to individuals allowing them to make an effortless transformation in their lives.

She has completed workshops and courses with many of the world’s leading self development experts, including Debbie Ford, Doreen Virtue, Erkhart Tolle and Louise L. Hay.

Lisa features in the media and is a regular on TV and radio. She is also a regular contributor to many Australian magazines including Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Weight Watchers and Dolly. She also has her own confidence column in the UK press. She is also a regular contributor to Sydney Lifestyle Blog, Sydney Chic.

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Amazing Coaching



Victoria Crump- aka ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

Victoria a London Reiki Master, is known as Little Miss Sunshine. In 2010, on the twentieth anniversary of her father’s death, she started sending free Reiki sunshine worldwide to help people feel lighter, brighter, healthier and happier.

Email her to sign up for a free monthly bask at

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Ben Palumbo

Ben's background as a competitive gymnast and professional acrobat gives him a very focused approach to his 8 years experience in Pilate’s tuition.

With a performing arts background, his early career included scaling a 42 storey building in Sydney’s Circular Quay for the Olympic Arts Festival 2000 as well as participating in the Sydney Olympics Opening Cremony as an aerial performer that same year. His appearance in the Blockbuster film “Moulin Rouge” as a tumbling stunt double may have gone unnoticed as a flash across the screen in a fat suit!!

His progression into fitness and Pilates coincided with rehabilitating a chronic back injury caused by the demands of his acrobatic career as well as other various injuries. Consequently, now he has a very thorough understanding of addressing specific conditions of his clients.

His calm and polite nature is always focused on the clients needs and prides himself on providing a warm and welcoming environment in which his clients can achieve their goals.


Lisa White

Lisa is a qualified naturopath with a background in medical research. She writes about maintaining health over the long-term, nutrition and creative recipe ideas for people with food intolerances and or those who follow plant-based diets.

She runs a clinical practice in Adelaide, South Australia where she is passionate about helping people improve their health with great food and she is also a Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education.

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Kate Powe

Kate is a qualified Naturopath with a passion for helping women to achieve empowered whole-body balance. She operates two busy naturopathic clinics and regularly blogs on health and wellness.

Kate has a passion and expertise in women's hormonal health, functional pathology and genetic testing for chronic disease, integrating evidence-based medicine with mindbody wisdom in the creation of wholistic health.

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Rod Francis

Rod is a UK based coach, teacher, speaker, writer and mentor and has been fortunate to train with some of the worlds leading change experts.

Rod is also just finishing his second book called Grow Young, a science and evidence based program for turning back the clock which brings together expert commentary from around the globe to bring clarity to the confusing area of ageing and what really works.

Learn more about Rod:

Michelle Koton

Michelle emigrated to Australia in 1998, as a business owner and a fitness and aerobics instructor. By 2000, after studying under Master Trainer Cynthia Lochard and Joseph Pilates’ direct pupil, Romana Krysanowska, Michelle began her new journey of life, the body, the mind and Pilates. For the past 15 years, Michelle has been involved in the creation and development of Pilates studios in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

With a strong allegiance to the principles of mind and movement found in the Pilates technique, Michelle constantly journeys to learn and layer sessions to facilitate complete health for her clients. To this end, Michelle is a faculty member of Balanced Body (MOTR), a certified Xtend Barre Instructor, a certified VIPR Instructor and continues to travel worldwide to attend workshops and conferences with specialists at the top of their field. 

Enora Mantel

Enora completed classical dance studies at the National Superior Conservatory of Paris in 2006 and then worked for French dance companies and toured in Europe during few years. Having experienced frequent dancers injuries she ended up going to university to learn more about physical training, body injuries and how to prevent it. She completed a Bachelor in Sport training and specialized herself with a Master in Physical rehabilitation.

At this time she discovered the power of Pilates technique and did a certification in mat and reformer. Very enriched by her working experiences with Doctors and physiotherapists she started to work as a free lance Personal Trainer in Paris.

Nora truly believes in the connection of mind and body, both physical practice, philosophy and breathing techniques. This new passion led her to travel to India several times. She is a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.

We'd like to introduce you to Frenchy!!!



Amy Donohue

Amy loves her role as a Holistic Health Coach. Her goal is to not only help women improve their diet and eating habits, but also transform their relationship with themselves.

After graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, she launched her own Health Coaching practice Calma Wellness,  where she offers stress-free programs to help her clients loose weight, get in shape, boost energy levels and improve self love. She has a strong passion for helping those dealing with emotional eating issues.

She is also the founder of Retreat Yourself a company that runs health and yoga retreats across South East Asia to inspire women to take charge of their health, detoxify their lives and be the best possible version of themselves.

Kavisha Jega

Kavisha holds a Masters degree in Wellness, is a qualified food and wellness coach and an expert in holistic nutrition, preventative medicine and wellness coaching. Kavisha uses one-on-one coaching to support, educate and empower clients, helping them to implement the lifelong changes that will improve both their mental and physical health. Kavisha can also be found teaching healthy cooking classes and speaking about nutrition at wellness seminars designed to educate on how stress can affect overall health and wellbeing.

Cynthia Coonop

Cynthia has been exploring and teaching transformational work for over 25 years. She is a mentor, consultant, personal growth facilitator and documentary filmmaker. Cynthia is the founder, trainer and facilitator of the Living Love workshop program since 2009, which is inspired by author and teacher David Deida.

Her speciality is mentoring and supporting women to live their feminine essence in their lives and relationships. She also counsels couples and men.

You can find out more information on Cynthia on her website Living with Love and her Facebook page.

Andrew Boxer

Andrew has had over 7 years in the health industry and in 2012 graduated as a naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science degree from the highly regarded Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne.  He has worked at health food stores, exclusive studios and gyms and lectures at various institution!

You can find out more information on Andrew and his company Restore Naturopathy via his website and Facebook page

Nardia Norman

Nardia is on a mission to unshackle people from the current BS training and nutrition dogma that keeps them locked into an unhealthy way of thinking and being!

Her passion lies at the intersection of fitness, education, performance psychology and nutrition. She is here to help people reach their full potential through smart training, effective nutrition and increased wellbeing.

We are honoured to have Nardia as one of our amazing guest experts!

Julie Lake

Julie is known as a highly successful and sought after coach, speaker, consultant & seminar leader to business owners and busy professional women, including the professional stay at home moms

She is an international coach and trainer who has worked with and impacted thousands of people over 10 years to support them in having the life they wished.  Typically she empowers busy women to live in the flow of life, peel back the layers and to effect positive change while staying true to themselves.

She has traveled to 4 continents. She is a proud mother of 5 beautiful children and is happily married. She is passionate about living “happily ever after” and has a knack for working with women to help them to live the life they wish for. Julie works with women 1:1 and in intimate groups to empower their lives.

Nicole Mathieson

Nicole Mathieson is a kinesiologist & meditation teacher helping women give themselves permission to step into their free, sensual selves and to experience much more joy. Nicole runes her own classes and workshops, focused on making women feeling free, sensual and charged up with life force.

To find out more about Nicole:

Deborah Harrison

Deborah Harrison is an internationally qualified master trainer in Fitness and Personal Training, Deborah is also an accredited Nutrition Specialist focusing on disease a mange,net, sport nutrition and weight loss. She brings over 10 years experience and an equal amount of passion to focus her mission to help women of all ages achieve their halt and fitness gaols the safe and mart way.

As well as being the owner of Live Life You, Deborah is the creator of ‘Simple Solutions to Health Program’, a program designed to inspire people to make lifestyle changes for the better. Better health, better fitness, better wellbeing.



Tess Doig

Tess Doig is a qualified naturopath having studied a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Natural medicine and a balanced life has been ingrained since she was born having grown up in the beautiful South-west region of Australia, and truly believes that with the right tools and knowledge every body has the ability to lead a healthy, balance life.

Tess has a special interest in hormone imbalance and mental health. She has extensive knowledge in nutrition, herbal medicine, flower essences, and lifestyle advice to help you achieve optimal health. She is against fad diets and believes every individual needs to be treated with their own personalised diet and lifestyle plan.



Jan Purser

Jan Purser is a high profile naturopathic nutritionist, food and health writer, and award- winning author. Jan practices at Remède in Mosman Park and has a passion for helping people resolve digestive disorders, manage weight problems, improve thyroid and hormone health, improve health outcomes in autism and ADHD, and prevent metabolic syndrome. She calls on her wealth of clinical experience and extensive research when spreading the word on good health, great eating and living with vitality.


Belinda Kirkpatrick

Belinda Kirkpatrick is an experienced, university-qualified naturopath who specialises in natural fertility, family and women’s health care and is also experienced in all areas of general practice. Belinda provides caring, thorough and professional health assessments and offers dietary, lifestyle and wellness advice in addition to using herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.

As a fertility naturopath in Sydney, Belinda is passionate about helping couples who are having trouble getting pregnant. After investigating and treating underlying health problems, changing diet and lifestyle and implementing appropriate nutritional supplementation, many couples achieve their dream of a healthy full-term pregnancy.

In addition to pre and post-conception care, Belinda also provides IVF support for those couples requiring medical intervention.

Belinda aims to help her patients achieve their optimal health potential. She is dedicated to supporting and educating each and every patient to help them understand about their own, and their family’s health, and how to get the most out of their life.

Georgia Lienemann

Georgia is a clinically trained nutritionist, wholefoods chef, health educator and speaker whose passion is teaching simple, creative approaches to eating well and staying inspired. She has trained and worked in New York, London and Sydney and now regularly teaches at Sydney Cooking School & Nature Care College.

In 2013, Georgia founded the 'What to Eat' program to assist people in navigating through the often confusing world of food and nutrition. In it's first year, the program amassed a large, likeminded and incredibly passionate community - one of Georgia's proudest achievements to date.

You can find out more great information from Georgia from her website, her eBook and through her Facebook page

Rachael Campbell

Rachael Campbell is an intuitive life coach, inspiring and influencing people to find their inner voice, through the wisdom she has gained with audiences worldwide. Raising their conscious awareness of their potential and abilities. Rachael is a Thinking into Results facilitator working alongside Bob Proctor. Rachael is a graduate of the Matthew Kenney Academy, a certified Raw Food Chef, sharing her love of plant based cuisine with the world through Rachael’s Raw Food She is an author of Revolutionary Raw Recipe’s which features, plant-based cuisine and easy-to-follow recipes.

Rachel Holm- Hanako Therapies

Rachel Holm is the soul of Heart and Grace Healing - we love her!

Rachel’s career began as a professional dancer, model and actor taking her all over the world for 20 years, until she had a calling to continue studies in healing the human energy field, upon finishing her energetic and spiritual healing diploma she opened a thriving practice “heart and grace healing” in Sydney Australia.

Her studies then called her to the USA to train with gurmukh at golden bridge yoga in Los Angeles to study the technology of kundalini yoga, by master yogi bhajan.  Her healings combine the use of energy healing, crystal therapy, breathwork, meditation, vibrational healing and flower/gem essence healing and leave you feeling empowered, uplifted and inspired. Guiding you to discover your own divine potential and be the brightest light you can be.


Chantal Jura

Chantal Jura is a Nutritionist and local lactation mentor that believes passionately that we can help prevent and treat disease with whole, clean, high-quality, minimally processed foods. After working over 7 years in marketing & public relations across Canada and the U.S., she was inspired to return to her first initial love- nutrition. Although she covers many topics, she specializes in perinatal nutrition and breastfeeding issues. Nutrition plays a major role in promoting maternal and infant health. As a current student at the Edison Institute of Nutrition, Chantal is committed to working toward the expertise and mastery of holistic nutrition to one day soon be able to practice and help others attain their optimal health. Additionally, Chantal holds a B.A. in French Studies from California State University, Long Beach, volunteers phone triage and mentorship at Allaitement Quebec, and is a member of the La Leche League. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chantal currently lives in Quebec City in Canada with her husband and two children.

You can follow her blog and recipes at

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Fleur Denny

Fleur completed her theatrical training at Theatre Arts Mackay, before taking up the full time course at Brent St. College of Performing Arts. Since graduating she has worked as an entertainer for Conrad Productions, CTC cruise lines, and in television. Her favourite professional job being a featured dancer on Baz Luhrmann Moulin Rouge. She toured Australia in “Sesame St. Live” in the role of Prairie Dawn, and then completed Diplomas in Advanced Prosthetics, Television and Special effects Makeup, and Advanced Hair Design in Hollywood, USA, and worked in hair and makeup for film and TV while in the USA.

Fleur’s work as a freelance make up artist, has seen her working with clients such as Queenspark, Events, Mere Footwear, Perv Eyewear, Sanitarium, Allianz insurance, Master & Slave , 12WBT to name a few. ZUMBA if Fleur’s latest venture and she is very excited to be coming back to the fitness industry, as this was something she started back in 1998. Flour teaches and inspires in an array of different dance fitness styles. Having the chance to mix both her fitness and dance backgrounds together she teaches Dance Cardio, Zumba and Barre classes all over Sydney. Check out Fleur's Website and Facebook page.



Janella Purcell

Janella Purcell has been living and working in the wonderful world of organic wholefoods and natural health virtually since birth. She teaches us how to achieve sustainable and permanent wellness through her private practice, award- winning books, social and print media, TV and radio.

Janella shows us how it is possible to live a healthy and balanced life - easily, affordably and practically - and she makes it empowering and fun.
Her belief in keeping food whole led her to mainstream media in the hope to educate others on the virtues of keeping it clean and toxin free. She became a wholefood chef which led to studying and qualifying in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine in 1995, then later onto Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kinesiology.

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