Meet Kelii

Kelii Grauer

Body Burn Online’s philosophy is that health and fitness should be for everyone, everywhere.

Kelii, the founder of BBO, has a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to share with you. Having studied dance from a young age, she’s enjoyed a successful 18 year career as a commercial dancer and has worked with some of the world’s most recognised recording artists, directors and choreographers. She’s also worked in some of the world’s hottest locations, including Los Angeles, where her passion for fitness was ignited.

It was there she discovered and fell in love with the training combination of dance, yoga, Pilates, circuit and boot camp. Being able to combine these for an all-over training experience was a revelation for Kelii, and sowed the seeds for BBO. Kelii has an extremely under active thyroid, auto immune disease and is a Coeliac. She knows first hand how difficult the obstacles women can face with self esteem and body image. Kelii is on a journey to naturally heal her body with diet & exercise and she shares her experience and journey with her members.

Highly qualified and experienced, she’s trained people from all walks of life in group classes and private one-on-one sessions. Past clients range from celebrities, to athletes, professional dancers, new mums and people with injuries. She launched BBO because she believes the road to health and fitness shouldn’t be restricted by geography or finances. It’s this passion, along with her boundless energy and enthusiasm, that have made her an inspiration to her clients and a motivating force to be reckoned with.